Friday, 4 December 2009

OSK Seminar (Opportunities In Foreign Markets)

I went to OSK seminar last night.

Is it great?

Not bad I would say.

I reached there about 6.15p.m. and we have refreshment there. I ate only one plate and the plate is small. I saw several people there. Who are they? CLHS teachers, Mr. Yeap, Mr. Lai, etc.

It’s finally going to 7, the seminar was going to start.

It talks about foreign market. There are four speakers, each speakers talk different topic.

First speaker: Singapore REIT and Land Transportation
Second speaker: Plantation counter in Singapore
Third speaker: Indonesia market
Forth speaker: Genting Singapore

I prefer the first speaker, Jonathan. I learned quite a number of things from him too. He gives me a clearer understanding on Singapore market. Initially, I actually thought Singapore does full with offices. Yea, it does. But, the problem is, there are quite a number of offices with no tenant.

Really thanks to his information.

Well, overall, I enjoy the seminar.

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