Sunday, 6 December 2009

Old Folk in Bus

I was wishing to have some relax, so I went to Gurney Plaza have walk yesterday.

Well, during I was on bus going back to home, this happened.
There was a stop where a lot of old folks getting on.
I was the only teenager on the bus.
There was a old woman sitting beside me.
The woman did talk to me.
When I realised that the seat wasn't enough,
I kept my book and planned to stand up to give the old folk a seat.

Then the conversation between the woman and I as below......

LuPorTI: It seems really full.
Woman: Where are you going?
LuPorTi: Paya Terubong.
Woman: Then you don't give the seat to them.
LuPorTi: huh?
Woman: Don't look the old people as a weak people, they exercise always, strong actually. It's still far to reach your home, so, you take the seat la.

I really didn't know what should I the right to do.
If I didn't stand up, I wonder whether will the old folks standing thinks that I got no manner?
If I stand up, it seems like I pouring cold water on the woman talking to me.

Guess what did i do...........

I didn't stand up.
I was just wishing the bus reached Riffle Field as fast as possible, cause they were getting down at the stop.

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