Monday, 11 May 2009

A Total Mess

I chatted with a good friend of mine 2 days ago. I was planning to sleep at 10.30p.m. but I ended up chatting with him until 1a.m. and another friend till 2 I think. Thereafter, I want to sleep, but a lot of things flight into my brain so sudden and I failed to sleep. I think I slept after 4.

Plenty of things flight into my brain until I was mentally suffered. I was thinking to find somebody to share my feeling, I took out my mobile phone to check who can I share my feeling that time. Don’t know why, I couldn’t find anybody. Not because they were sleeping, but I don’t know who can I share my feeling with. Previously, when I was down, I could easily get someone to chat with. But now, why couldn’t I find? Am I losing all my true friends? I don’t know.

Last time, a good friend of mine asked me to ask him whether he is still in track from time to time. Well, now he out of track. And me, I have lost my track!

Now, I am just fighting blindly for my future. I don’t really know where am I heading of each move I made. And, it seems like every moves of mine are getting me into more dilemmas. I enjoyed blogging last time. I actually wish I can write my blog as I wrote in the past. But, my life now is totally mess up, and don’t know how to express my feeling in words.

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