Tuesday, 11 May 2010

China Versus Korea

This afternoon,
China was playing against Korea in Thomas Cup.
Lin Dan played the first game and won by 21-18, 25-23.

Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng played as the first double and won by 21-11, 21-12.

my parents came back,
I decided to ask my dad to fetch me to McDonald.
I hoped the TV there would show the match.

When I reached there,
I disappointed.
There was no Thomas Cup there.
It showed football match.

I searched for place to watch the match (China versus Korea) around Farlim.
I found one coffee shop.
The second double players were playing in third set at that moment.
Korea won that game.

Then, I was blurred.
I thought it was the final game.

My dad phoned me.
I told my dad the game was going to end.

After the match ended,
I left the shop and waited for my dad.

After my friend told me it was 3-1 that time,
I realized that there was one more game,
the third single.

I was so blurred

At the end, China defeated Korea by 4-1.

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