Monday, 7 January 2008

Last Friday, my friend and I went back to UUM. The bus departed at about 1.30p.m.

After I reached UUM, I went to check in my room. As I knew earlier, my roommate for this semester is Aaron. He is a good guy. Well, I didn’t clean up my room that day. I didn’t have the mood to clean up. After I put all my things in my room, I went to walk around. I don’t know why, I have a strange feeling. I was feeling lonely, I don’t like here very much. How good it is if I am able to study in private. But now, nothing is going to change, I have to work hard to get my success!

The co-curriculum started at the second day. After an attended it, there is just a word I can say, “Lousy”. I don’t know why UUM want to make co-curriculum as compulsory, others university doesn’t make it as compulsory. I feel that it is totally a waste of time.

Yesterday was my first day to my class. My first class is actually business law, but the lecturer who entered our class is the lecturer of the lecturer of ‘law of tort’. At the beginning, we don’t know that the lecturer entered the wrong class. After half an hour, the lecturer finally knew that her time table was wrong. It was quite funny.

Last night, I still had class. I was not very sure where my class is. Therefore, I left my room 1 hour earlier. I afraid that I couldn’t find it as what had happened in the morning, I lost! When I reached there, the whole building is totally quite, it’s quite scary. After I was looking for a while, I still couldn’t find it. I found someone to ask and I found it. I was the first person reached there, I was feeling a bit scaring along there. They say that the area is the place that contains the most ‘those thing’.

The class is really boring. After I finished the class, I walked back again. I spend more than 2 hours in walking to class and back from class today.

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