Thursday, 10 January 2008

A long journey back to Penang

I was back from UUM yesterday. It was a long journey! It took me about 6 hours!

I finished my class at 2. I didn’t go back yet because I want to wait for Boon Yan. I left my room at about 3. I walked toward DKG by the A route. I didn’t want to go by the chancellery because I was wearing casual, I am not sure I can pass trough there or not. On the way, Boon Yan messaged me and told me he was going there. His class ended earlier. Seem he was earlier than what we had planned, I changed my plan to take bus. I took bus at Proton College.

There were a lot people was waiting for the bus too. I was wondering whether we would able to get aboard the bus. Luckily, there was a Unic bus that wanted to fetch us to Sahap. We got aboard it. It was faster than Mara Liner. It took only 1 hour.

At the Sahap bus terminal, I felt hungry. I bought bread and planned to eat after I reached home. I switch off my phone due to low battery.

The bus departed from Sahap. My hometown was getting nearer.

We reached Butterworth at 6.40p.m.

We got aboard the ferry. When it was about to reach, I guess it’s within few hundred meter. The ferry became very slow (or maybe stopped). And, we thought it probably had broken down. We took the ferry at about 6.50p.m. and we reached at 7.30p.m. It was about 40 minutes!

When I reached the bus terminal, I phoned to my dad to ask which bus to take. I had forgotten which bus to take. After I knew, I was looking for the bus.

Finally, I reached home at about 9 o’clock. A 6 hours journey! I think I will remember this journey!

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