Friday, 8 February 2008

The morning of 2nd day of CNY

The year of mouse has reached, my birthday has passed, I am already 20 years old.

What can I accomplished in the age of 20? I am really wishing I could achieve something at the early age. The early age I mean is by the age of 28. It’s really a difficult mission for me but I hope I am really able to achieve it.

I tried not to think about bad things on CNY but I am really failed to do so. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future. How could only I am able to succeed? There are several friends around me have start their journey but I am still at the starting point. I failed to accelerate myself. Sometimes, I think that I am really rubbish.

Today, I decided to buy Rubik cube. It would probably become my ‘wife’ when back to UUM. I want to make what I see in ‘Guess Guess Guess’, they are able to solve it within 20 seconds even their eyes are covered by a cloth. That’s awesome!

Suddenly, I am feeling now that I am also failed to express myself. Blog was a tool for me to express my feeling out. Right now, there are a lot of things flying around inside my brain, but I failed to write it out.

I wish I will have a great year of 20!

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