Wednesday, 6 February 2008

5th February 2008

What’s today’s plan? I was planning to go to Queensbay Mall.

After I woke up, my parents had gone to fetch my brother from national service, while my grandmother was preparing for the things for praying. After all the praying, I took bath and planned to go Queensbay Mall after watching TV show. When I was about to go, my cousin suddenly feel dizzy and fall down. My grandmother asked for my help. I was feeling worry. Luckily, she felt ok after that.

I started today journey. I went to take bus. Transit Link came, I scared to wait for long, and therefore, I decided not to wait for Rapid. It was really lucky, I was known by the driver when I was taking another bus from Prangin Mall to Queensbay Mall that Rapid was on holiday today.

Once I reached, I went to see my friend but I didn’t see her. I walked around for about half hour and went to see her again. She was there already. Thereafter I read book at Borders. I kept changing the book I read until I found a book about George Soros. It was some sort of comic, it’s very interesting! I finished the whole book about 180 pages there.

I had my dinner at Chopper Board with my friend. Before my friend come, I met Soony. That was my first time to eat at Chopper Board. I planned to go Borders again, but ended up I was just walking around.

I asked Teong Ping to fetch me because I scare I failed to get a bus. It was late and Rapid was in holiday. After he came to fetch me, we went to Saik Huang’s house to get my helmet, and went to have a drink.

It was a great day!

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