Saturday, 12 June 2010

First 2 Matches Are Tied

World Cup 2010 has finally been kicked off.
South Africa and Mexico took the kick off for the tournament this year.
Many football fans were cheering for it!

South Africa scored the first goal of the tournament in 55th minute.
Unfortunately, Mexico equalized at 79th minute.
It made the match tied with 1-1.

France went on the second match against Uruguay.
It's another tie.
France tied with Uruguay without any goal.

3 more matches coming up next today:
Greece vs Korea Republic
Argentina vs Nigeria
England vs USA

I think Argentina should able to win the game.
There are people saying that I am Argentina's super fans.
I would like to clarify again.
I am just predicting that Argentina would win the tournament.
It doesn't mean I am Argentina's fans.

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