Saturday, 12 June 2010

Korea Republic 2-0 Greece

Among the Asia's representatives,
I put the most hope on Korea Republic.
I predict they would enter the next round.

they show to us that Korea Republic isn't weak.
They won with 2 goals!
A lot of people,
a lot of Malaysian,
a lot of Asia people,
are cheering for them.

Park Ji Sung cored a goal.
He is really the hero of Asia in football industry.
He plays in Manchester United.
He isn't only a Manchester United's player,
but one of the outstanding players for Manchester United.
He is the first Asian footballer who make it so far.

However, today is just the beginning of the journey.
Korea Republic is going to play against Argentina on 17th June,
and Nigeria on 22nd June.
I hope they could perform very well and make it to the next round!

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