Friday, 18 June 2010

The First World Cup Match That I Watched for 90 Minutes

I watched Argentina versus Korea Republic last night.
It was the first match that I watched for 90 minutes.

I went Queensbay Mall yesterday.
After I back home,
I decided to go watching World Cup with my friends.

Jeng fetched me to the coffee shop.
Jeng, Zi Hur, his girl friend, KY, Terris and I were watching together.

The match was kicked off at a half past 7.
That match can be considered as not bad.
Argentina defeated Korea Republic by 4-1.
Higuain scored 3 goals.
He became the first hat-trick hero of the tournament.
He played badly last game,
and he became hat-trick hero this game,
that's cool!

This match became the match with the most goals in this tournament so far.

After Argentina versus Korea Republic,
it's Greece versus Nigeria.
We didn't watch it.
Greece won by 2-1.

Then, the match follow by France versus Mexico.
Oh no!
France lost by 0-2!
What's France doing!?


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