Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June 22, 2010: Not Really A Good Day

I played badminton yesterday (22nd June).
I performed much worse than last Friday.
I didn't satisfy with my performance yesterday.

Yesterday's evening,
I saw a butterfly.
its wing fall and stuck with the water.
It was trying to fly up,
but failed to.

I tried to save it.
I tried to remove it to other place.
I saw its wing was broken.
Maybe I am the one who broke its wing.

At the end,
it seems dying.
I failed to save it.
That makes me feel down.

Sorry, butterfly, I have been trying to save you, but I failed to.
I wish you are able to survive.


  1. hey,last sunday i played badminton as well..long time x play,quite nice.i like it badminton..hey,nex time in campus we shud play 2geder once awhile leh..=).

  2. Haha. Sure! Let's play in UUM! Our last semester in UUM.