Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Practicum Day 2

How am I feel today?

It's still the same as yesterday.
I am feeling so helpless.

Last night,
my friends and I went out to share about our practicum life.
And they said,
it's the first time they saw me feeling so helpless.

Yea, I am completely helpless.

I slept late last night.
One purpose is to search for more information regarding audit.

But, there is another purpose.
I scare to sleep.


Yea, seriously, I scare to sleep now!

I scare to sleep,
once I wake up, it will be morning,
and it's going to be the time for me to go to the firm.
I scare of the moment to come.
So I don't want to sleep so early.

I am quite stupid, right?
Perhaps, you are laughing now.
If you want to laugh on me, just laugh,
I don't mind.

Is my practicum life so scary?

For me, it is!

again, I didn't really know what I was doing.
I just simply did what I did.
I did a really bad job.

We had another lecture again today.
It's about 30 minutes.

I was asked by my boss for 3 times,
I gave a correct answer and one inaccurate answer.
Another one, I didn't know how to answer at all.

When 5.30 p.m. comes,
I was so happy!
But it lasted for only a while.
When I started thinking of I need to work again tomorrow,
my mood got down again.

How to describe my practicum so far?




I really wish to quit now,
even it's my final stage to get my degree.
LuPorTi is mentally defeated.

I think my what I have been talking to my roommate in our room before we left UUM life.
We are saying that many people are so pessimistic.
I believe he would feel disappointed to see me this moment too.

I failed to cheer my mood up.

I want to get my investment life back!


  1. im worrying u so so so so so much..
    remember i intro my coach to u?
    go chat with him..
    may b he can help u for ur practical log book..
    he is working at there..
    try call to him and tel him ur problem..

  2. First, I lost his number after losing my hp.
    Second, now I prefer to hide in hole.

  3. hey, i really worry you.
    now my turn feel helpless, cos cannot help you at all.

  4. Never mind la. Don't need to worry about me.

  5. if u r nobody to me...thn may b i wil no worry.
    u dun think too much
    slep earlier la..

  6. Haha. I have just borrowed Audit textbook from friend just now. Wanna study until very tired only sleep.

  7. And, so I am somebody lo? Haha.

  8. somebody...not the most important...
    but my heart got one space for u ths fren
    that y u r some body

  9. You are a really good friend. You helped me a lot. Thank you!

  10. just read ur blog bout ur practicum day...
    hmm.. ur practicum seems not tat lucky than me..
    however, my working life now oso not tat good...
    ur boss not good, my boss good but not really care bout wat we wan n 'eat' our leave... disappointed wif him... i not sure bout ur colleague, but my colleague r kaki buli... so can't escape from their buli...
    wat i wana say is, watever life we going now, we shud try to accept it at first, try to suit wif the surrounding, not the surrounding to suit u...
    LuPorTi tat i know is a person tat not easily defeated by prob...
    hope u don gif up...
    when u face any prob, can find ur fren...
    going thru ur hardship together wif ur fren..
    we wil oways by ur side!
    dont worry b happy!

  11. Mr. Wong

    Remember me? The coach Jace mentioned and I did talk to you at UUM poolside.

    Reading through your thoughts regarding your praaticum - I was having this feeling that you can do much better. You are not the only one in this world who complains about bosses. Believe me, there are worse and more horrible bosses around. Nobody is perfect - including you and me.
    I just want to get 3 things across.
    1. Nobody owes us a living.
    We have to use our skills, knowledge and sweat to earn a living.
    2. We have emotion that can go up and down. When it is up - enjoy it and share it with other people. When it is down - get up to fight another day. Dont prolong it, self-pity is not a weapon to fight it, getting scared is cowardice.
    3. Believe in yourself and trust in God.
    We believe in you so why cant you believe in yourself.

    Never give up. You are graduating. You are one of the lucky people in the world who have a University education. You have invested your time, money and enery for 4 years. Just to give up because your boss and the office is not your type is cowardice at the highest level.
    Come on man, you dont have to kiss your boss, or buy hime lunch- just do your part. Go to the office and perform your tasks - nothing more nothing less. If your boss doesnt appreciate you, so what. Others like you and appreciate you.

    Anyway what do you mean you want your investments back? Curious to know exactly whats all about.

    Cheers and happy working from today.

  12. Hi, Mr. Wong. It has been a long time since we have a chat. After that day, my perception of life has some changes. I realize the importance of happiness.

    That time onwards, I live better than the time I have the chat with you. It's really much better, especially during my semester break.

    During my mid-semester break in August, I even traveled to KL twice just to attend some investment event. I walked around KL to see how people live. I explored and exposed a lot. I never thought I could go there myself, visit people, ask people to allow me to stay in their houses and plan the journey myself. It was fun.

    Besides, I traveled to some villages and found a place in Perak which I think it's most suitable for me to live in.

    Thanks to you for giving me a clue of happy life.

    I have also stepped one step further. I view investment as a higher level for now. What I mean is, investment is like a part of life, an interest in my life. It's totally more than just a tool for making profit. It's also a place for my to challenge myself and so on.

    in my so-called investment life, I spend a lot of time in investment directly and indirectly. I

    I invite my friend out to discuss about investment.
    And when I go out, I sometimes take it as investment trip. When I see something, I will think about it in investment way.
    Even sometime when I am chatting with friends, I talk about it indirectly. For example, we are talking about food. I may say,'have you tried XXX?' Perhaps I can know better on the industry.

    I completely take it as a part of my life, a hobby of my life and an interest of my life in stead of taking it as a job.

    But I said that I am not live in investment life is because of few reasons. Firstly, I completely don't have time to do my reading on investment. After I back from my workplace, I still need for do more study on my job to avoid from having trouble in my workplace. Secondly, during office hours, I am in work, I couldn't involve in investment.

    So, I want that kind of life to back, which I can study on investment, discuss with friend about investment and having investment trips.

    I am feeling that what I am replying here seems too messy. Too many things in my mind now I guess, couldn't arrange it properly and speak it out.

    Anyway, Mr. Wong, thanks for your encouraging. I will be trying continue my journey.

  13. Nice reading your thoughts and experience. Just to share with you something which I think will interest you.
    My younger brother is a Chartered Accountant. 15 years ago he was already earning RM17,000 a month as a Financial Head Executive in an international company. One day he called me and said that he is leaving the job. Everyone was shocked. He wanted to deal actively in Financial Investment. I dont know how much he makes but he is very comfortable and now works at his own pace. He also sleeps and eats Investment just like you. He attended Seminars, reads books and learns from the experts. But he keeps a healthy balance with work and family life. Now he lets the Computer (Net) works for him.

    I am sure you are seeing and talking Investment 24 hours. Its OK but you must strike a balance between your obession and your other parts of life. To succeed, you need social adjustments, enjoyment, friends and controlled emotions - all these will help you to sleep better, think better and act better.
    Hope you get my message.
    Leave work and investment thoughts out for a few hours a day to stay ahead.


  14. Thanks Mr. Wong.
    I will try my best to adapt it.
    Perhaps, I need sometime to adjust my life and to stablize it.