Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Final Day Before Practicum

One more day!

my practicum is going to start.

I wonder how will it be.
Many question marks appear in my friend.
I really worry that my boss and colleagues aren't so good.
Will I get scolded always?
I worry.

I have printed all form,
but I need to take another final check later.
I think all have been prepared.

1 more day to go.
What should I do today?
Stay in home and rest?
Or go out to have a drink with my friend?

Just let it be.
See how is my mood later.

For people who don't know where I practicum,
I am doing my practicum at Tham & Co,
which located at Perak Road, Penang.

All the best to all my friends who are going practicum tomorrow!


  1. no la.. i not that fantastic to be in the top 10%.. haha.. only went there to help out with the registeration.
    all the best for your practicum :) what's your job scope??

  2. I see.
    Thanks! I am not sure yet. Have to wait tomorrow only I know. I will update about my practicum life in my blog.