Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Start Study = I Can Get A Better Result?

I had an exam today.
The venue is near to my hostel.
I walked there at around 8.30a.m.

I met my friend after I got there.
Then, I started asking my friends regarding the examination.

One friend asked me, 'do you memorize it?'

I said, 'a bit.'

My friends surprised.
They said that it's the first time I memorize academic stuffs.

And one friend said,
'his result is already good without memorizing. Now, he started memorizing, sure be much better.'

Well, is it so?

I want to tell them.
I started to memorize actually isn't a good sign.
In fact, it's a bad ones.

It represents I fall into big trouble.
I might failed to pass it.

Yea, seriously.
The chance for me to pass it is just about 50%.

After the exam,
the chance for me to pass got even lower.
I failed to do it well.

Will I pass it?
I hope I have the luck to pass it.