Thursday, 30 December 2010

Will I Have Holiday On Friday?

First of all,
congratulation to Malaysia football team of winning the Suzuki Cup.
It's really a very happy thing to all the Malaysian.

Thing that make it even more happy is that,
our PM declared this coming Friday as a public holiday.
That's a good news for most of the people I guess.

I am still not sure whether should I feel happy yet.

my boss wants us to work.
my boss doesn't know about that.
I have to replace for another day if I have that holiday.

This is the sad thing of being in practicum life.
We have no bargaining power.

I really wish my practicum life to be over faster.

Last night,
I slept with less worries comparing previous day.
But this morning,
once I woke up at 5 something,
I thought of some problems of my work.
It made me feel worry again.
I suddenly feel so scared and down.

Not the problems scared me,
but the workplace and our boss.

I really don't know how to deal with my boss.
When my colleague told me that there were some people got scolded because they smile to the boss,
I puzzled.
I feel so scared and worry about it.

Time, please moves faster for these 6 months.
I want to get out from it faster!

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