Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Practicum Day 3

Honestly, I almost gave up this morning.
I phoned my friend.
I actually did think of asking him to fetch me back UUM to apply for quitting.
Unfortunately, or fortunately,
he didn't pick up.

I still almost didn't want to go to the firm today.

But lastly, I went.

There were a lot of problems.

Luckily, very lucky,
I have few friend who are very helpful.
I really thanks to them.

Thanks to Wei Sein for lending me audit books.
Thanks to Chen Lin for helping me to make a call.

And, lastly, I want to thank Jace.
I want to thank her very much!
I knew Jace for not long.
I knew her 1 year ago.
Friend doesn't be evaluated by time, but HEART.

She is so good.
Along the time, she have been helping people always.
When people in trouble, she play her role as a friend.

Ignoring the small stuffs,
in just few months time,
she have helped me in 3 big matters.

If want to take the small stuffs into account.
I don't know how many time have she helped me.
I owe her a lot.

Thanks to you all ya!

Today, again,
I still blur with what I was doing.
But at least it was better than yesterday.
I did more things today comparing the past two days.

Today, my boss asked me to do my job quicker.
Opps, he started to push me.
I hope I still able to handle it.

How are others doing?
I hope you all are doing well.

This weekend, perhaps I will meet some of them.
I believe all people will talk a lot about practicum life.

Good luck!

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