Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Practicum Day 8

It's the 8th day of my practicum.

I slept earlier yesterday.
But today,
I was feeling so lazy to wake up.

Actually, I have waken up at 5 something.
But then, I felt so lazy to get off my bed.
I got off my bed at 7 o'clock,
after laying for more than 1 hour.

That's not really like me.

Before my practicum life,
I can woke up early with energy.
I didn't feel sleepy or tired after I woke up.

But now,
what happened to me?

Just one thing I can say,
I dislike my current job so much!

In fact, I should say I HATE IT!

Let's talk about today.
Similar to yesterday,
my friend and I went for stock check for the morning session.

There was no glove for us today.
I felt so cold!
Luckily, I wore more clothes today.

Guess how many clothes I wore.

I wore 4 in total.
2 clothes and 2 jackets.

Then, before enter the cold room,
I wore another thick jacket.
So, I should say,
5 in total.

Is that a lot?

My body is okay.
Just, my hands and my toes.
My hands and toes were so cold!

Luckily, It's just for half day.

The afternoon session was better than yesterday.
I called the bookkeeper again today.
Some stuffs were solved today.
But I believe there were still a lot problems waiting me ahead.

there was no lecture today.
Or else, we might get scolded terribly again.

After 2 days, the second week of my practicum life passed.
And the New Year is coming!
I wish these 2 days pass very fast!