Thursday, 30 December 2010

How To Put Facebook 'Like' Button In Your Blog

Nowadays, there are getting more people putting the Facebook 'like' icon in their blog.

Actually, how to do it?

Here are the steps.

1. Post your blog.

2. Go here.

3. Copy your blog post URL and paste it at 'URL to Like'.
Take note: The Post URL, not your blog URL. For example, NOT

4. Click 'Get Code'.

5. Copy the iframe code.

6. Edit your blog with html.

7. Paste the iframe code.

8. Done. Publish your post.

Now, let's have a try!


  1. Oooh !! Now I know how to do it, thanks !! :D

    Was thinking how to put the code before. =)

    Thanks for sharing :D

  2. but they said "Only verified developers can be added as listed developers of this application."
    what can i do?

  3. At what moment you see that message ('only verified ........ this application'?

    I mean, whether it appears when you click 'get code' or when?

  4. thanks..this is the easiest way to do