Friday, 24 December 2010

Practicum Day 5

Finally, it's fifth day of my practicum.
The first week of practicum ended.

Well, today is the greatest day in this first week of practicum.
If want me to rate each day for the first week of practicum,
I will rate it like this.
5 is the greatest while 1 is the worst.

In first and second day, I had bad moments.
But in third day, it get better.
But it get worst in the forth day.

But today, it's great.

The morning session, it actually wasn't too good.
I was waiting for lunch.
I went lunch with my friends at Marry Brown, Time Square.

After my lunch,
I went back and did my 3 and half hours counting down.
I thought I would be long to go.

However, it wasn't.
I actually wished to call the bookkeeper and the company secretary.
But then,
my senior in my workplace asked me to go upstairs to learn about some secretarial stuffs after another trainee got down.

I scared I need to get upstairs when I was on phone.
So I decided to phone after learning.

Before I got upstairs,
senior told me that the bookkeeper would be coming to our workplace.
So, I didn't need to phone him anymore,
I just need to wait for him.

When I almost finished learning at the upstairs,
my boss received a call from downstairs,
the bookkeeper had come.
I went down and talked to him.

Time was quite fast.

It's almost 5 o'clock when settled stuff with the bookkeeper.

And then,
I was informed that I will be going to have audit on stock on Monday.
The company is located at Paya Terubong only.
I will be straight going there on Monday,
don't need to back office first.
I believe that will be better than staying in office.

One week passed, 25 weeks to go.

And, thanks to Jace,
I received log book from her friend today.

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