Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How I Feel After My First Day of Practicum?

I saw many people posted on how they feel in Facebook after their first day practicum.
Yea, I did post too.

This is what I posted.

"After today, I'm very sure! I'll not be in audit field. It's not my field. I wish my practicum ends soon. And also, I'm even more sure that I belong to investment field. The frequency of me to complain on my assignments, tasks and jobs has increased. But you never hear me complaining investment, I complain only on personal inability, and it makes me feel even more passionate! Investment, you are my future!"

And this is one of thing that I posted in the comments of that post.

"One great thing I heard from a people recently. In a lot of success story, we are used to listening that determination is very important. Determination is a very simple thing to be said. But, it's hard to be done. A great generator for determination to stay strong, is enthusiasm. So, are you enthusiasm enough? Few simple things we can see when you are enthusiast. First, are you feeling challenged or stress when things don't work well. Second, do you feel not enough for yourself when everything is completely all right?"

Challenge versus stress,
I feel stress during my practicum yesterday.

Second, do I feel not enough for myself when everything is completely all right?
Definitely no.

Last night when meet some friends of mine,
one friend of mine asking me that, if there are two choices,

1. cutting paper and learned nothing (like her situation)
2. giving us to audit (like my situation)

which will I choose?

My answer is, the first one.
Some people may say I am useless,
I am not capable for challenge.

I admit I am not good.

But, audit will not be my field in the future,
then what for I fight for it?

I rather live in the days without stress.

Am I so useless?

I am really feeling myself so powerless this time.
I really have no energy to fight all that.

Then I really realize how enthusiastic I am in investment.

In my investment since 3 to 4 years ago,
I enjoy it so much.

As what I posted in my Facebook,
I complained a lot of things,
I was complaining about UUM all the time in this blog.
But when comes to investment,
do you ever hear me say, 'investment isn't good'?

What I don't complain investment itself, but just be the inability,
and I am seeking for the solution.

For example,
I couldn't have a great internet to trade shares when I was staying in UUM,
I tried to solve it,
I subscribed broadband and so on.

That's what calls passion.

I was once facing a huge lost in investment,
but I didn't give up, I continue until now.

In fact, when things go very perfect,
I will feel worry and think, 'things shouldn't be so easy',
there are somethings wrong somewhere.

That's what we call enthusiasm,
we love to be in challenge instead of comfort zone.

But for something we don't like,
we prefer to be in comfort zone.

That's the power of ENTHUSIASM.


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  2. Nice share!! Actually I got a bit same like you,I got not enough confident to face with the challenging, so sometime I more rather choose to live in no stress life, maybe people will think we are useless, but I more prefer like this. XD

  3. hello, thanks for the comment ya! :D dropped by and 冬至节快乐 :D