Monday, 20 December 2010

Practicum Day 1

My practicum life started today.
I went there earlier.
I was the first person to reach there.
I reached at about 8.10 a.m. because I scared of late.

My friend reached there about 5 minutes after me.
But, she doesn't work in the same with with me.
She works in the firm at the next building.

Finally, some people come.
And I got to the office.

How is my first day?


I guess no.

I don't know most the thing,
in fact, almost all the things.

I almost don't know how to do anything.

What I can do, ask.

I tried to ask when I don't know.
there are things that I don't even know how to ask.

There is some problems with the account I am checking on today.
I need to call the bookkeeper of the company.
Honestly, I felt nervous.
But luckily, everything was fine.

Today isn't a good start for my practicum life.
I hope tomorrow will be better.

How are my friends?

I hope they do well in their first day of practicum.

Good luck all!