Thursday, 23 December 2010

Practicum Day 4

Yesterday was the best day for me in these 4 days.
My feeling stabled a bit after working yesterday.
I was hoping that today will be like yesterday.

it turned down again today.
I get scolded with a loud voice in front of everyone.
The worst moment since I started my practicum.

When I was eating with my friend today,
I told her, 'I'm in alert all the time.'
I knew what are happening around me when I was walking.
Whoever passing by, whoever talking, I know.
I am totally in alert when I am in work.


I am in fear!

Fear of a lot of things.

I scare of don't know doing things.
I scare I doing things wrongly.
I scare I get scolded.
I scare of making mistakes.

I am living in fear.
I am trying to reduce my pressure.
But, I fail to.

Now, I quite admire on people who don't care much things.

Don't care of what people say.
Don't care of responsibilities in work.
Don't care of doing things wrongly.

Tomorrow is Friday,
the final day for first week of practicum life.


  1. hey...thn sure u admire me...
    i not scare to make mistake..
    because i can learn from mistake.

    i not scare to get scold..
    because they teach us to do better

    i don't care what people think,.
    because everyone got their own freedom to think..

    u don't know the things because u r stil new in tht company.
    Normally it take 1 months to suit ur self inside the company.

    other people also don't know the knowledge that u own..

    everyone got strong ans weakness..

    no worry too much.

    give u an advice..
    "if the problem can be solve, why need to worry?
    and if the problem cannot be solve,worry also useless..."
    so just enjoy ur day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Add oil my fren~~

  3. Cheer up! I'm sure things will be better. Here's wishing you Merry CHristmas and happy holidays