Friday, 17 December 2010

My Blog Planning

I am trying to be a better blogger.
I am trying to make my blog to be more stable and interesting.
Few months back, I bought a new handphone in order to capture some photos for my blog.
However, I lost that phone.

From time to time,
I have been thinking on how to changes my blog to be a better ones.
I am consideration of some changes.

Here are they:

1. Remove my shoutmix
2. Create a page for my blog in Facebook
3. Apply for my own domain
4. Restructure the links

The first and the second are the main considerations at this moments.

Should I do it?

May you give me some comments?
Or any other comments to improve my blog other than those 4 I stated?


  1., r u going to create a page like me?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. for me, creating a page is not the step to be a good blogger, i just want to know how many visitors come to my blog and how well it is...

  4. Hi Luporti, you remove ur tagboard???

  5. Applefish, I see. Okay.
    Paradise, yea, it has been removed.