Sunday, 12 December 2010

My UUM Life Ended

after three and half years staying in UUM,
it ended yesterday.

My dad went UUM to fetch me.

After I packed my things and put in my dad's car.

It's almost full!
Unfortunately I didn't have any camera.
Or else, I would take photo to show you all how full is it.
I never thought I had so many things to be taken back!

When we were at Sungai Petani there,
my dad changed mind.
We didn't back Penang right away.
We went to my grandma's house to stay for one day.

we back to Penang today.

My UUM life finally ended.

How to describe my feeling?
I have no idea.

I met a lot of friends who are so great.
Smart people, helpful people, friendly people......
All of them have made my UUM life more colourful.

Well, I hope we can remain as friends forever!

All the best to you in your coming life!