Thursday, 2 December 2010

Decisions For FIFA World Cup 2018 and 2022

It's a big news for football fans!
The announcement of the host for FIFA World Cup 2018 and 2022!

who are the hosts?

FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia

England failed to win the bidding to host World Cup 2018.
I guess many people feel disappointed of that.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar

World Cup is back to Asia again!
A lot of Asia people will feel happy I guess.

Of course,
there are people happy and people who sad.
Whatever happened,
have already happened.
We can't change anything.

Congratulation to Russia and Qatar of getting the opportunity to host FIFA World Cup,
one of the greatest sport tournaments in the world.

Will Malaysia have the opportunity in future?
I hope so.

I believe many people will say that the chance is extremely low.

Perhaps, the chance is very low,
but I still hope for it.