Thursday, 16 December 2010

Practicum Life Is Going To Start Soon

4 more days,
then my practicum life is officially started.

There are many questions mark in my brain now.

How will my working life be?

Is my boss nice?

Could I handle the things in my workplace?

Will I get scolded?

Am I able to communicate well with my colleague?

Too many question?
Perhaps, I will have some of the answers next week.

I still don't really know about the procedure.
I still not sure with what documents or forms should I submit to any party after my practicum starts.
I also don't know how to write the reports and so on.

It's just 4 days to go, and I still don't know.

Actually, I missed the practicum briefing due to the flood issue last time.
Then, my supervisor didn't want to say it for the second time,
so, this is my punishment.
But nevermind,
tonight, my friends and I are going to gather in KFC.
We will talk about it.

Well, good luck to me for my practicum life!


  1. after gathering,
    any info....share to me.
    frm jace

  2. actually the punishment not only for you.
    Many people no attend the practical talk.
    but lucky friend got send some info n doc for me
    frm jace

  3. Haha. Yalo. Haha.
    I am lucky too to have friends attending, Chin Wei and Chen Lin. Haha.
    Or else. Terrible.

  4. don't worry too much. 顺其自然就好. =)

  5. hey friends good luck your Practicum Life
    mian kia mian kia...
    your colleague well good de ...
    you dont worry....
    + u lah...^^

  6. Is it?
    If so, then, that's great!

  7. Magdalene, okay. Hehe. I will try not to worry.