Saturday, 11 December 2010

Going To Leave UUM

In less than 10 hours time,
I am going to say 'bye bye' to my UUM life.

I have my last examination paper at 2.30 p.m. later,
then, my dad will fetch me back.

This actually should be the moment that I am waiting for.

But, don't know why,
I don't feel as happy as I should be.

Why is this happened?

I missed some people over here?

A lot of things I haven't completed?

Fail to record down my memories over here and make me feel not happy to leave?

Fear of leaving something here and couldn't get back?

Or other reasons?

What are you thinking?
I thought you should feel happy of leaving?

Why is this happening to me?


  1. Perhaps the urge of leaving which makes you didnt leave any memorable thing there makes you want to stay even more.

  2. =.= do u feel happy cause you could leave that miserable place? or you feel sad because you will miss UUM?

  3. An An, perhaps.
    Henry, I guess both.

  4. welcome changes friend- the world is big and you should find your purpose (why God put you here in earth)

    Godbless my friend

    Stay safe always