Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Simple Maths Question That Many Highly Educated People Get It Wrong

I bought a book at RM8.
After I read it, I sold it to my Alex at the price of RM9.
But, I regretted and purchased from Alex at RM11 again.
Thereafter, I sold it to Alvin at RM12.

So, how much did I earn or loss?

Answer: RM2 profit

Let's assume that I have RM10 at the beginning.

Bought at RM8: RM2 left.
Sold at RM9: RM11 left.
Bought at RM11: RM0 left.
Sold at RM12: RM12 left.

I got RM12 now.
Comparing to RM10 that I have at the beginning,
I earned RM2.


  1. YES!! i got it right! whoots! =D

  2. I got it correct~~
    yeah yeah~~

  3. Congratulate of getting it right. Many accounting students fail to get it right.

  4. lol. they think too much. it is easy only. from mk.

  5. Ya, exactly. If ask the hawkers, mostly will get it right. But highly educated people, they make it complicated.

    Mk, you are Kwang?

  6. i gt d correct answer... perhaps, i'm not a highly educated people? haha...

  7. Haha. You are a stage higher than highly educated.

  8. I shud get the wrong answer..
    Cause i am highly educated ppl.. Wahaha!!