Monday, 29 November 2010

100PLUS Mindwarp Challange

Having a good memory?

Let's bring your memory to win prizes!

100Plus is now organizing a game challenge on memory.
If your memory is good enough,
you may stand a chance to compete in final to win grand prize of RM10,000!

Samsung products are waiting to be given out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung GalaxyS and Samsung NX100,
are all waiting for you!

All winners of Samsung products are also given 6-can pack of 100Plus.

Great enough?

There are more!

There are Instant daily prizes too!

1st prize - 4 x movie tickets + 100Plus (6-can pack)
2nd prize - 2 x movie tickets + 100Plus (6-can pack)
3rd prize - 100Plus (6-can pack)


What are you waiting now?

Let's challenge it!

Click here.

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