Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Met Mr. Krishna In Gurney Plaza

I hanged out to Gurney Plaza.

When I was in MPH Bookstore,
I saw someone familiar.
I wondered was him Mr. Krishna.

He was on phone.
After listening his voice,
I felt that he should be Mr. Krishna.
I decided to approach him.

After he ended his call,
I approached him.
he is Mr. Krishna.
And he still recognize me.

It has been about 5 years that I didn't meet him.
He was my English lecturer when I was studying English in Cambridge Language Centre.
He is a very good teacher.
I learned a lot from him.

I didn't like English.
I didn't like reading.
After taught by him,
I started to love Englsh and reading.
Thanks to him!

It's really great to meet him back.


  1. haha! it sure feels so good when bumping into some old friends/lecturers~ xD and i feel happy for you too for starting to love English. =)

  2. Ya. It's so great that I have the opportunity to be his student.