Thursday, 18 November 2010

I Want To Buy

my desire of buying things is getting strong.

I recently joined a trip with some bloggers.
I was the only person without a camera there.
I took photo with my handphone.
Since I lost my handphone,
I have nothing to take photo.

All the bloggers in the trip were shooting photo with their SLR camera.
It made my desire to buy an SLR camera getting stronger.
I really wish I can buy it.
But SLR camera seems to be expensive.

Another thing,
badminton racket.

I went Queensbay Mall yesterday.
I walked into a shop which sells sport equipment.
I saw the racket which I wish to buy it for a long time,
Yonex Carbonex 20.
To know more about this racket,
click here.

It costs about more than RM200.
Perhaps some people may think it isn't expensive,
but for me,
it's not a small amount.

When can I buy the SLR camera and the racket?
I hope I can buy it soon.


  1. man man lai...if u get work some money le lolx hehe

  2. need DSLR lah...

    Those yang ada DSLR pun pakai Auto Mode saja..

    U kasi angkat itu Compact Diggital Lah..

    Murah dan mudah...


  3. good luck to you in getting those wishlist!

  4. Haha! For DSLR, u doens't need a new model, second hand 1 or compact camera is enough if you just want to taking photo fro ur blog!
    DSLR is a big investment, you ll need lens, flash and other supporting equipment!
    However, every camera can take good photo, it depends on how you utilize it and creativity!