Thursday, 4 November 2010

Practicum Issue On Delayed Examination

UUM's Student Representative Council has made some clarification on the issue for practicum.


Isu praktikum


Bagi yang peperiksaan habis sebelum 13/12/2010, tarikh daftar praktikum adalah seperti biasa.

Bagi yang peperiksaan habis selepas 13/12/2010 ,tarikh daftar praktikum adalah pada 20/12/2010.

For those whose examination ends before 13 December, the practicum will start as usual.
For those whose examination ends after 13 December, the practicum will start on 20 December 2010.

I have asked for detail on this matter.

On Monday,
our student representatives will go to UIL to get the the latest information.
We all don't need to do anything at this moment,
either our examination ends on, before or after 13 December.

*You may check updates from Student Representative Council on next Monday or Tuesday.

Now, the problem is,
if a student finished its exam at 5p.m. on 13 December 2010,
and its practicum venue is Sarawak,
how is he able to be there on time on 13 December?

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