Thursday, 4 November 2010

UUM Examination Is Delayed

I was planning to back my UUM tomorrow.

this afternoon,
suddenly I realised that our exams are delays.

Exams which are scheduled on 8/11 - 15/11 will be postponed to 4/12 - 13/12.

After the news were spread,
many people started complaining and voicing out.
Facebook was full with the post regarding this matter.

The reasons of postponing said by our Student Representative Council are:
1. Rain is expected to be heavy on 5 to 7 November, and perhaps there will be flood.
2. Students and staff who are outside of UUM fail to reach UUM.
3. Insufficient fuel for Bus.
4. Insufficient food.
5. Insufficient fuel.

Malay version:
MPP telah jlaskn knp hal ini berlaku...hal ini berlaku krn :1) dijangka pd 5-7/11 hujan lebat akn trun kembali dan berkemungkinan besar banjir akn menjadi semakin truk...2) pljr2 & staf2 UUM yg duduk diluar x blh dtg ke UUM……3) bahan api utk bas dlmn UUM spnjg mggu peperiksaan x mencukupi..4) bekalan makanan yg terhad...5) bahan api yg berkurangan

Many people are complaining.
Our Student Representative Council is still in meeting with UUM management.
The result of the meeting is expected to be out tonight.

The delay of examination has lead to few problems.
1. For those students who have bought the tickets, they need to cancel the ticket? How is the fare and fee charged? How about foreign students? This is a big question.
2. For students who are going for internship, how are they going to start the internship (started on 13 December) if the exam is delayed to 13 December?

I hope our student representative will bring us a good solution tonight!


  1. fadilah hani bahtihar4 November 2010 at 18:15

    i ambil share di facebook ya..heee~tQ for the information..=)

  2. Insufficient food??

  3. Yea, due to the flood, some foods are failed to be delivered to UUM.