Monday, 1 February 2010


I am not happy with myself!
I spent such a long time to complete my assignment!
After I have idea in the evening with my groupmate,
I went back my room to start typing it.
I sat in front of my laptop,
typing it,
reading the notes and question.

I started it at 7 o'clock,
I finished it at 1 o'clock!

That's really bad result!

I don't satisfy with my outcome.
If given 10 marks,
I think I will rate only 2.
What a bad job of mine.

After I completed,
I surf to Lcorner,
there were only 444 posts in the last day of January.
It is the lowest record since I stepped up as administrator.

A bad day?

It recalls me the song, BAD DAY.

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