Tuesday, 17 August 2010

How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC

The next question is,
how to calculate the cost.
In OSKIC, it's simpler.
It's just 0.42% for commission,
a fixed rate.

Look at this.

You may reach to this page by clicking on "Trade History".
it shows your transaction.

If I bought 1900 units of XXXXXX at RM1.04.
So, the total purchase price will be RM1976 (RM1.04 x 1900). (a)
Then, the commission will be RM8.30 (RM1976 x 0.0042). (b)
(The 0.0042 is the fixed rate of 0.42%)
So, the total amount of money you need to pay will be RM1984.30 (RM1976 + RM8.30). (a) + (b)

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