Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Past Good Good Friends

I was tagged in a photo in Facebook.

Thanks for Chien for drawing this for me.
This is really a great memory for me.
I was once being very good with them.
We played.
We laughed.
We enjoyed.

after entering to my university.
I seldom contact them.
Our relationship isn't as good as previous.

It sometimes makes me think of one question.
"Is distance one factor of friendship?"

Many people (including me),
tried to deny the statement.

But what happened to me,
seems like not as what I thought.

Not only this gang.
I have another 2 good friends.
We were once being very closed.
But distance becomes the destroyer.

Of course,
we are still friends,
better than ordinary friends.
But just,
we aren't as good as previous.