Saturday, 7 August 2010

ICT Era and Relationship Between Humans

We are in ICT Era!

I believe many people have these items.

A mobile phone.
How many people don't have this?

I remember that I have my first mobile phone during my Form 4.

even Standard 1 students own mobile phone.

How about this?

A laptop.
Most houses in our nation are equipped with laptops or personal computers.

How many people have no chance to connect to the internet?
(either with own laptop/PC, or other people's)

These items should help humans to communicate easier and better.
But the question here is,
are them making the relationship between humans closer?


How many people nowadays talk to their neighbours?

How many people nowadays go outings with friends?

How many people nowadays are friendly in the neighbourhood?

The number is reducing.

Why could this happens in such an era with advanced communication instruments?

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