Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Greed and Overconfidence Lead to My Collapse

Since half year ago,
I have been facing a collapse in building my future.
The trigger of my collapse is a forum called Lcorner.

I took over the forum
and my failure in Lcorner caused me into some cash flow problems.
I was forced to terminate my businesses.
Then it got worse and forced me to dispose my investments.
I named it,
Luporti Crisis”.

Yesterday, my friend asked me about the reasons that cause the so-called ‘Luporti Crisis’.
I told him “GREED” and “OVERCONFIDENCE”.
Yea, these 2 are crucial to my failure.
I was expanding my career greedy and impatiently.
I was too confident that I could make Lcorner alive again.
Now, the truth is that, I failed.

I will remember this lesson FOREVER!

1 comment:

  1. Manage a forum is not that easy right?
    That's one of the reasons i never hand on a forum of myself...