Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Couldn't Sleep Well

"Couldn't Sleep Well"
This title seems familiar in my blog, right?

I failed to have a nice sleep again.
I woke up quite a few times during midnight.

What happened to me again?

I slept at 12.05a.m.
I woke up for the first time at 12.55a.m.
Within that 50 minutes.
I am not sure whether am I sleeping.
I am in dream.
At the same time,
I am still feeling I am awake.
I could feel what's happening around me.
Perhaps, this is called 'half-sleep'?

I have my class at 8 o'clock later.
I was planning to stay in library to read newspapers and books.

Can I stand it?
Will I feel tired?

Maybe I will have some coffee later?

I hope I could sleep well tonight.

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