Friday, 20 August 2010

How To Read The Trading Board In OSKIC

Let's continue our learning.

Now, let us learn how to read the trading board.

We will see there are 18 columns.
It starts with code and ends with TO/CP.

I will brief what are those except N and TO/CP.
(May be I will tell about that next time)
Don't worry, it's not that important at this moment.

For others,
I will only briefly tell the meaning at this moment,
because there are so many items.
If I explain all in details,
it will be very long.

But I will explain in detail next time.
Anything you don't understand,
leave me a comment.

It's the code for the stock, some sort like an ID.
Some, you will see words like CB, CN, WA, PA etc.
Those with C are call warrants, W are warrants while P are preferred stocks.
We can't trade these all in OSKIC.
In other words, we can trade only ordinary stocks.
(those without alphabet)

Cur (Currency)
I guess you guys know. The currency of the stock. All suppose in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit).

Short name of the companies. Quite similar with code.

Ref (Reference)
It's the price of the stocks for a trading day before.
In other words, we may say it's yesterday closing price.
(for Monday, the reference means Friday's closing price)

The price when the stock market opens.

High & Low
It's the highest and the lowest price that the stocks ever achieved on that particular day.

Quantity of buying.

Price that is bid to buy.

Price that is offered for sale.

Quantity of selling.

The price for the last trade.

The quantity of the last trade.

How much is the change of the stock price.
For example,
ABC closed at RM1.00 yesterday (Ref),
now, it's currently traded at RM1.20 (Last).
So, the change is RM0.20.

% Change
The change is in RM.
The % change is in percentage.
If we take the previous example,
the % change will be 20%,
RM0.20 (change) / RM1.00 (Ref) = 20%

The total quantity traded of the day.

May be you find that the explanations I have given are too little.
I will explain in more detailed next time.