Tuesday, 17 August 2010

How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC (Selling)

When I referred back to my previous post "How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC",
I realised that I left out the selling part.
When we sell our stock,
there is cost as well.

If I sell 1900 units of XXXXXX at RM2.00.
So, the total selling price will be RM3800 (RM2.00 x 1900). (a)
Then, the commission will be RM15.96 (RM3800 x 0.0042). (b)
(The 0.0042 is the fixed rate of 0.42%)
So, the total amount of money you will receive is RM3784.04 (RM3800 - RM15.96). (a) - (b)

So, if we refer back to the example of purchase I gave in "How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC", the profit that I get will be amount to RM 799.74 (RM3784.04 - RM 1984.30)

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