Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Trip To Pangkor Island (Day 2)

After having great moment in Day 1 of our Pangkor Island trip,
we continued having fun in the second day.

We woke up at around 7 o'clock.
We were planing to depart to beach at 8 o'clock.

Suddenly, somebody said that we couldn't go anymore, it started to rain.
Luckily, it rained for a while only.
The rain stopped, and we departed to beach.

Hey, people, have you all waken up?

Let's do some exercise first!

Let's the party begins!
The playing moment started.

I didn't join them playing those water stuffs.
Haha. I scared of water.
Although I played in water for a while at the first day,
it made me feeling like.... Haha, I didn't know how to describe.
Water simply not belongs to me.

Ting tong!

Time's up!

Let's go back to pack our things.

We checked out at 12 o'clock.
Before leaving, we took a big group photos.
This time, everyone was inside the photo, no one was missed out.

Then, we continue our journey.
We visited to a place.

Haha. I don't know what the place is called.

(p/s: I have known what it called, it is "福临宫".)[edited on 6 July 2011,8.10 p.m.]

Haha! Tortoise, my lovely friends.

I was called 'Prince of Tortoise' by them in the trip.

Haha. Why?

We were playing cards game.
I don't know what it called, but it's a game that see who get the final card.
The final card, we call it as tortoise.

I wonder I was so lucky or unlucky.
I was the 'tortoise' in every time I played.
So they gave me such a wonderful nickname, 'Prince of Tortoise'.

~Haha, my friend again.~

After visiting that place, we went for a seafood lunch.

Faster check your mouth!

Does your saliva come out?

After the lunch, we visited to the final place before we left Pangkor Island.

It told my Choon Ngan,
'those fishes look like drawing ones.'
I looks a little bit fake.
But anyway, it's real ones.


It's time to buy something to back home.

We were waiting for ferry to back Ceng Lim's house.

Say bye bye to Pangkor Island.

However, we didn't go back our home directly.
We stayed in Ceng Lim's house for one more night.

We have our steamboat dinner at her home.


  1. Quite a nice place for a shot trip
    but it looks too commercialised.

  2. Oh? Too commercialized? Why say so?

  3. lol. hahaha. prince of tortoise!

  4. hi, can i have the contact no. of the house that you stayed in Pangkor. Thank you

  5. Kala. So sorry, I fail to get the contact for you.