Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Practicum: The Thought of Giving Up

As the beginning was so tough, I did almost give up my practicum.

Third day of my practicum (if I don't remember wrongly),
I told my parents that I wanted to give up.
And we actually had some quarrel.
And since then, our relationship got worse again.
My relationship with my parents had actually recovered last y.ear.
But now, it went back to be like last time.

A lot of people were asking me not to give up.
My parents brought me to meet a person.
She gave me advise and asked me not to give up.
She was also the ones who asked me to continue my study after Form 6.
Is she a person that has helped me? I would like to say NOT.

Well, I didn't give up at the end.
But, is my decision to continue my practicum the right ones?

I guess most of the people would say that it's the right one.

But I would like to say, it perhaps not.

Yea, I didn't give up, and I manage to get my degree.
But in this journey, I lost a lot of things.
Too much things I have lost.

Whether my decision is right or wrong, perhaps we may not know.
It's what life to be. There is no right nor wrong in various types of decision.
To argue on right or wrong, it's an argument that will not end.

So, no argument, let's continue living.


  1. it's all part of life,some people study something but end up working on other non related fields.