Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Started Reading Another Book

Yesterday, a friend of mine suggested me to share about what I have read from books.
I have actually created a blog to talk about books,
but I don't really think that I read a lot, so I am not writing the blog yet.

Well, let's talk about book today.
I actually planned to post this last week.
But again, due to my laziness and limited time, I didn't post it until today.

Recently, I start reading another book, Fooled by Randomness.

I was actually reading Black Swan.
Then, I found that there are quite a number of things that I couldn't get what the author mean.
So, I chose to read another book of him first.

Previously, when I wanted to start reading a book, I will just take it out and read it.
Now, I think that I should do some 'homework' before reading it.
I search some comment on Fooled by Randomness from internet.

Then I found that this book was ranked as one of the smartest books by Fortune in year 2005. (click here for the books list)

I glanced through the list.


I found more books that I wish to read!

Money money money!
I want money to buy books!

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