Friday, 24 June 2011

Yeah! My New Books!

Yeah! I bought some books again from 1shopping.
I confirmed the order yesterday, and deposit the money to them yesterday noon.

Surprisingly, the books were delivered to me today!
It's so efficient!
Thanks to Kangaroo Worldwide Express!
I would say that they provide a good services.
I have no complain on them at all for everytime they deliver goods to me.

Let's see what books have I bought.
As always, I bought books regarding investment.

This book is for my friend. I strongly recommend my friends to read this book!

And the last book is THE SNOWBALL,
a great book that talks about Warren Buffett.

Guess how much is the total amount that I need to pay?

It's just RM109.40!

It's cheap, right?

I am not joking!


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  2. Wooo ~ You must be good in investment :D

  3. Haha. Just not bad ler. Hehe.