Thursday, 2 June 2011

What's My Plan This Weekend?

My weekdays and weekends are totally different.

My weekdays are like hell, while my weekends are colorful.
In most of the weekends in these few months, I tried to fill it up with a lot of events.

This week, I have arranged some too.

So, what's my plan for this weekend?

As usual, after I work tomorrow,
I am going to play badminton with my friends for more than 4 hours.
However, tomorrow will be less people playing I think.
And, I guess a good friend of mine is not going.
Anyway, I will try to enjoy it.

Okay, let's see how's my Saturday.

I am going out with my best friend, Henry. (a blogger as well)

We are going to three places.

First, we will be going to a food exhibition and chocolate fair in PISA.
Cool. I wonder what will we see there. For sure, We will try to capture photos.
Opps, one question.
Are we allowed to capture photos over there?
We should be allowed, right?

Then, I think we will be going to our second destination, a cafe with the theme of maid.
Oh? Do you hear it before?
I didn't hear it before until Henry told me.
I look forward to it.

Lastly, we are going to a great event, YOUTHJAM 11!
We have participate in one of the things hosted by Youthjam and we are going to redeem the prize.
Well, click on the 'YOUTHJAM 11' above, and it will direct you to the YouthJam 11's blog.
You can check out its activities.
There are quite a number of interesting events.
You should go there to have a look.

Haha. This is how my weekend looks like. How about you? Have you plan for it?


  1. What a productive weekend you have! I'm so envious since all I do here is sit in front of my computer ALLLLL DAYYYY. And when I said, ALLLLL DAAAYYY, I mean ALLLL DAAAY. :| My life sucks.

    Haha! ^_^ Anyway, hope you'll have an AWESOME weekend. And I wonder how the maid cafe would be like? (Is it one of those japanese cafe where all waitress are dressed in maid costume?) If it is, I SO wanna go there. I wanted to feel what it's like being in a japanese environment :O (Cause I can't leave my damn room & laptop) -_-

    Well, Let me know when you get there okay~! ^_^ Hope you'll get that prize :P


  2. Stay tune, we are going to capture to photo and post it in our blogs to share with you all. It will be a part of our blogger life. Hehe.

  3. Enjoy ur colourful weekends ~ :D

  4. henrytan your best friend??? i just know~ lol

  5. Thanks, Fang.
    Magdalene, haha. Yaya, he is.