Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Practicum: The Very Beginning

I remembered that the life was really tough at the beginning of my internship life.
I knew nothing about auditing in practical.
In theory, perhaps I know from book. But in practical, I was new.
I never involved myself in auditing before.

Before I started my internship life, I didn't thought that the life was that tough.
In one exam last semester, I met my friend Edmund in toilet.
He knew I was going to have my internship in Tham & Co.
He told me that I can talk to a person, Mr. Lee, regarding stock market.
So, I was actually a little bit looking forward to it before I entered Tham & Co.

Before I started to work in Tham & Co, I did actually visit there.
Due to the flood, our final exam for last semester was delayed, and our practicum period was postponed as well.
So, I went there to inform them.
That moment, I had already seen that my boss looks unfriendly.
From that onwards, I started to feel worrying.

But what to do, I had to continue this path.

On the first day of my practicum, I felt quite nervous.
I wonder what was going to happen as I had no idea on what actually I need to do.
That day, my lecturer posted something on my wall told me better watch out.
Then I knew working in Tham & Co is tough.
It made me feel even worry.

It was 8.45a.m., the time to start working.
I was given a file on a company to have a look.
I still didn't anything, I felt worry.

After the boss reached office, he called me in, together with another 2 internship trainees.
He gave us lecture.

The first week is really tough.
I kept asking colleagues what should I do.
I have to thank to Miss Tan.
She taught me a lot.
Sometimes, I felt sorry on disturbing her always.
Luckily she is a nice person, or else I think I may get scolded.


  1. congrats for complete ur internship!! ^^

  2. After read your post, I felt that I'm luckier than you... Pheww ~

  3. Haha, because my situation is better than you. =P The colleagues in my first department are very political, I still could handled them and it's not really tough like your side. =P

  4. If my boss was change, then everything will become much better.