Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Yeah! My Facebook E-mail Is Activated!

I was talking about Facebook e-mail with my colleague today.

Then when I got back home and on my Facebook, I was told that I can now activate my Facebook Email.

I activated it.

And I tried it.

I tried to send a mail from my Gmail to my Facebookmail.

Let's see.

Yea. It was sent.

Let's check my Facebook again.

Hey! I really received the message in my Facebook!

Haha. Cool, isn't it?

Want to send a mail to my Facebookmail?
My Facebookmail is


  1. Ok thanks for informing. Expect some junk mails coming up soon.... LOL! Just kidding! :P

  2. Haha. So far, except my 'testing' email, seems like nobody sending me any email to my Facebookmail.