Monday, 30 May 2011

World Hip-hop Dance Challenge (Malaysia Selection)

Something is happening in Penang's First Avenue yesterday!

What's it?

Yea, as my post title, it's the hip-hop dance competition!
It's the World Hip-hop Dance Challenge.
The winners of today will be represent Malaysia to contest in Las Vegas!
Cool! Isn't it?

I went there after my lunch.
Although I don't know dancing stuffs, I stay there until late night.

When I reached there, it was their lunch break.
I could see the participants were practicing around there.

I walked around, and I capture the photos of the prizes.

Can I take one?

The contest started again at 3 o'clock.

I stood there, watching and kept capturing photos.

It's quite crowded once the contest in on!

Okay, stop saying the non-sense.
Let's see the dancing photos.

Well, all contest needs judges, right?

Here are they.

And this is the MC.

So, who are the winners?

There were 5 categories in total.
I didn't which are the categories, as I didn't know about dancing.
But I know there is a 2 team categories, adult and younger ones.

This is the winner for the adult team, as well as the grand winner for team category.

They are the CARTOON NETWORK team!

They are cool.

By the way, ignore the white shirt people,
he isn't in the team. Haha.

This is another great team.
The winning team for the younger category.

They are just little girls, right?

But I can tell you, they are awesome!

Congratulation to all the winners!

Good luck to you all in Las Vegas!


  1. syok! i didnt know got competition pun! ajak me next time! =D

  2. Sure! I am also planning to seek out more events to go! Hehe.

  3. Haha,got 4 type only actually,1st is popping, 2nd is locking, 3rd is free dance, n last 1 is crew fight, but crew fight separate into 2 that is junior and adult group..had a nice day =)

  4. Hi, Please can you help pass me the contact to the winners cartoon network and the kids who won as I want to invite them to take part in:

    The Ultimate Dance Crew Competition

    Thank you.

    Collision Arts Asia

  5. Hi, Vee, sorry for late reply. I tried to look for Cartoon network, but I failed to get them. So sorry about that.